HRS4R Team

1)    Members coordinating the work of the Team:

a)    Assoc. Prof. Rafał Matwiejczuk, MEng, PhD, DSc – Vice-Rector for Development and Finance, Team Chair
b)    Assoc. Prof. Dominika MALCHAR-MICHALSKA, MEng, PhD, DSc – Team Deputy Chair,
d)    Małgorzata MITRUS, PhD,
e)    Agnieszka PIESTRAK, MA.

2)    Team members representing academic staff and doctoral students:

a)    directors of the Institutes
b)    heads of inter-faculty university-wide teaching units,
c)    Chair of the Scientific Council,
d)    Director of the Doctoral School of the University of Opole,
e)    representative of doctoral students/Doctoral Students' Union of the University of Opole.
f)     other employees involved in the work of the Team;

3)    Team members representing non-academic staff:

a)    Director of the Chancellor's Office,
b)    Deputy Director of the Human Resources Office
c)    Director of the Finance Office
d)    Director of the Office for Research and Project Management
e)    Proxy for Equal Treatment.
f)     Director of the Office of Marketing and Public Relations,
g)    Director of the IT Centre,
h)    representative of the Legal Service Team,
i)     Internal Auditor,
j)     Director of the Centre of Modern Technologies,
k)    Director of the Office of Quality Assurance,
l)     Disciplinary Officer for Academic Teachers,
m)   Director of the Office of Academic and Student Affairs
n)    heads of faculty offices,
o)    Data Protection Officer
p)    Director of the UO Library
q)    other employees included in the work of the Team.