Enrolment for university-wide variable courses

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The first round of electronic enrolment for the university-wide variable courses in the winter semester of the academic year 2023/2024 starts on June 01, 2023 (2.00 PM)

It is important that each student, before registering in their account (usosweb.uni.opole.pl) checks whether they have access to the registration so that they can freely choose a course that interests them.


-  Each course is 15 hours long.

-  Students are required to review their plan of study in terms of the category (humanities, social sciences, general, modern foreign language) from which they are expected to take a university-wide variable course in a given semester.

-  Students take a university-wide variable course from a discipline that is not the lead discipline of their field of study.

-  Each course has been assigned to only one of the categories (humanities, social, general). A course code contains the symbol of the category it is in (H, S, O).

-  A course can also be conducted in a modern foreign language, with the code JO. There  are courses in humanities and social sciences delivered in the modern foreign language with the codes JO-H and JO-S. The list of these courses can be found HERE.

-  A student studying on more than one programme may complete one course in a given semester after obtaining the Dean's consent to recognise the course he/she is taking on the other programme.

-   A student may complete a particular course once in the entire cycle of study.

-  Part-time students take variable university wide courses amounting to 9 hours. Course classes for part-time students shall be conducted taking into account classes (weekend sessions) on particular programmes.

Registration for courses will be held in two rounds:

1st round of registration: 01-07 June 2023 (registration on the USOSweb website - HERE)

2nd round of registration: 02-08 October 2023 (registration on the USOSweb website - HERE)

Answers to the most frequently asked questions, contact details of persons responsible for the courses in particular units of the University of Opole, and the rules of variable university-wide courses can be found HERE.