Golden Lectures Series - Prof. William E.Hills

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Rector of the University of Opole
Prof. Dr habil. Marek Masnyk
Director of the Institute of Health Sciences
Prof. Dr habil. Henryk Kozłowski

invite students and academics to a meeting with

Prof. William E. Hills
Professor of Psychology at Coastal Carolina University, South Carolina, USA
who will deliver a lecture
Global Ageing Issues that Matter: An Effective Educational Strategy

The meeting will take place on April 20, 2023 at 1.00 pm in the Blue Hall at Collegium Maius 
Opole, 11 Kopernika Sq, 3rd floor.

The lecture will be delivered in English.


William E. Hills is a professor of psychology at Coastal Carolina University, where he teaches and conducts research on gerontological issues. He received his M.A. (1982) and Ph.D. (1987) from the University of Georgia and his Master of Social Work (1993) from the University of South Carolina. As a Fulbright Scholar (Spring 2013), he taught gerontology and conducted research in Russia as part of the United States-Russia Peer-to-Peer Dialogue. The research included groups of retired and elderly people in Russia identified as victims of repression. In the spring of 2019, Prof. Hills taught gerontology, under a Fulbright Fellowship at the Medical University of Lublin, where he completed a traineeship in the Department of Family Medicine. Currently, Prof. Hills will continue his work popularising gerontology in Poland at the University of Opole, as a Fulbright Specialist in the Faculty of Health Sciences of the UO.