Even better evaluation results!

Zdjęcie nagłówkowe otwierające podstronę: Even better evaluation results!

As many as five scientific disciplines at the University of Opole have been granted higher categories than the original ones. “We can speak of a great success of our university,” emphasise the rectoral authorities of the UO.

“Of the seventeen disciplines evaluated at our university, one, i.e. theology, obtained the highest possible category: A+. Six more were awarded an A, and ten a B+," said the UO Vice-Rector for Science, Prof. Jacek Lipok. “It means that in each of the evaluated disciplines, we have full promotion rights, i.e., we can conduct proceedings for granting doctoral and post-doctoral degrees. It also gives us full educational autonomy, i.e., we can make our own decisions about the courses we want to offer to young people.”

The information about the higher evaluation results was communicated it to the public on 7th March 2023 during a press conference held in the Plafond Hall of the UO by the rectoral authorities.

The Rector of the University of Opole, Prof. Marek Masnyk was glad the final results of the evaluation of scientific disciplines had come before the University Day commemorating the 29th anniversary of the foundation of the university in Opole. “This is a huge success for the entire academic community and everyone involved in the process. Considerable credit for this goes to Prof. Jacek Lipok, who is responsible for science and results in this area within the rector's team,” said Prof. Masnyk. “The directors of the institutes have no less credit, because we in our model of university management it is the directors of the institutes who are responsible for science, and the deans for academic teaching. But first and foremost, it is the work of individuals whose research in specific institutes has contributed to the overall evaluation score in a given discipline.”

The following disciplines received higher evaluation scores after appeals to the Ministry of Education and Science last summer: theology (from A to A+), chemical sciences (from B+ to A), political science and administration (from B+ to A), environmental engineering, mining and energy (from B to B+), and fine arts and art conservation (from B to B+).

It is worth pointing out that the A+ category awarded to theological sciences is the highest possible in the country. It is awarded on the basis of, among other things, the assessment of foreign experts and is therefore of supranational significance. Category A is a recognition of achievements at the national level. “This means that the research conducted by representatives of a given discipline is at a really high level. Category B+, on the other hand, means that scientific research and its effects present a very good level guaranteeing high quality of promotion proceedings, which entails full promotion rights,” said the UO Vice-Rector for Science.

The evaluation was conducted for the period 2017-2021. As the Ministry of Education and Science explains on its website: “Evaluation is an assessment of the quality of scientific activity, which is carried out within the disciplines in a given unit. The evaluation takes into account the individual achievements of the staff representing the discipline. Individual disciplines are given scientific categories: A+, A, B+, B or C. They determine the entitlement to conduct studies, doctoral schools, award degrees and titles. And also the amount of subvention, i.e. the funding that scientific units receive from the state budget. The evaluation regulation is therefore crucial in the whole system of reformed higher education and science".

“Such excellent evaluation results for our disciplines are the result of the collective effort of a great many of our employees. A fantastic result!” summarised Prof. Jacek Lipok. “After another four-year evaluation period, we certainly want to be at least as good as we are today. We will be taking a lot of measures to make that happen. However, we must realise that there are a number of factors, beyond our control, that will affect it.”

The final results of the evaluation of the quality of the UO's scientific activity:

  • Biological Sciences: B+
  • Chemical Sciences: A
  • Computer Science: B+
  • Economics and Finance: B+
  • Education: B+
  • Environmental engineering, Mining and Energy: B+
  • Fine Arts and Art conservation B+
  • Health Sciences: A
  • History: B+
  • Law: B+ 
  • Linguistics: A
  • Literary Studies: A
  • Medical Sciences: B+
  • Physical Sciences: B+
  • Political Science and Administration: A
  • Psychology: A
  • Theology: A+