Hundred-year-old temperature record not beaten

Zdjęcie nagłówkowe otwierające podstronę: Hundred-year-old temperature record not beaten

On the 100th anniversary of the record-breaking measurement - 29 July 2021 - the temperature in Prószków was 30.33 degrees Celsius. The reading was taken by Prof. Jacek Lipok

The event organized on 29 July 2021 by the University of Opole to celebrate the 100th anniversary of record-breaking temperature of 40.2 degrees Celsius recorded at the meteorological station of the Royal Pomological Institute in Prószków gathered many distinguished guests, who wanted to witness the measurement exactly one hundred years after the historic one. The measurement was taken in the newly launched metrological station in Prószków.       

The guests were welcomed by the UO Vice-Rector for Science, Professor Jacek Lipok. “I hope that this day will be as beautiful and sunny as a hundred years ago, only not as hot," said Professor Lipok. “I was looking for some kind of symbol that would connect us with that event from one hundred years ago.  And I found it: I have a handkerchief for wiping sweat, which I will take the liberty of using!  - joked the Rector as he presented the traditional linen handkerchief.  “Today we have an extraordinary ceremony, honoured by the presence of many distinguished guests.”

The event was attended by, among others, Sławomir Kłosowski, Opole Voivode, Szymon Ogłaza, Deputy Marshall of Opole Voivodeship, Henryk Lakwa, Opole County Starost, Małgorzata Stelnicka, Deputy Mayor of Opole, Małgorzata Szot, representative of the Mayor of Prószków, Dariusz Sobków, Director of Prószków Secondary School Complex, and Norbert Rasch, representative of Socio-Cultural Association of Germans in the Opole Silesia.    

The guests unanimously congratulated the organisers on the idea of commemorating the 100th anniversary of the historic temperature record and on the implementation of the project to build the International Research and Development Centre for Agriculture and Agro-Food Industry.

 “With the launch of the modern meteorological station you are to the good old traditions of the Pomology in Prószków," pointed out Voivode Kłosowski, adding that it is worth restoring these traditions. “This event is important for our voivodeship, because thanks to such undertakings as today's opening of a modern meteorological station or the implementation of a project to build a research centre, agriculture in our voivodeship will have a chance to develop more effectively.”         

“In recent days Pomology in Proszków has been mainly associated with the 100th anniversary of measuring the record high temperature in the Polish lands, whereas I would like Pomology to regain its former glory and be known, above all, for its research and scientific capabilities," said Deputy Marshall Ogłaza, emphasising that this is what the University of Opole project aims to achieve.  “It is very important for us as a partner of this project,” he added.        

The guests had an opportunity to watch two films; one of them was a short feature story in the style of old cinema presenting the circumstances of a historical measurement a hundred years ago, whereas the second one presented Marek Wilanowski from the METOS Polska company, who explained, among other things, the functions of the modern meteorological station launched on July 29th in Prószków.

The modern meteorological station makes it possible not only to study typical weather parameters, such as temperature, humidity or wind strength.  “It also provides us with parameters useful for agricultural purposes, e.g. humidity of leaves, soil moisture or sunshine. This set of parameters will be helpful in cultivating plants on the local experimental plots," explains Dr habil. Tomasz Ciesielczuk from the Faculty of Life Sciences and Technology at the University of Opole, one of the organisers of the event.

Exactly at 01.48 pm - one hundred years after the historic measurement - Rector Jacek Lipok took the temperature reading - first with the traditional, old thermometer and then with the thermometer of the new station.

“The temperature record has not been broken,” Rector Lipok announced. “The traditional thermometer indicates 33 degrees Celsius, the modern one - 30.33.”        


The event was organised as part of the project "Building an International Research and Development Centre for Agriculture and Agro-Food Industry" During the meeting, a temperature reading will also be taken - exactly 100 years after the historic measurement.