New Emergency Ward Opened

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Plenty of space, a larger bed base, specialist equipment, magnificent rooms in the children's section - the alternation and modernisation of the emergency ward at the University Hospital has been completed. It cost 12.6 million zlotys.

The ceremonial opening of the ward on 10 February 2021 was attended, among others, by Dariusz Madera, Director of the UH, Prof. Marek Masnyk, Rector of the UO, Andrzej Buła, Marshal of the Opole Voivodeship, Marcin Ociepa, MP, Violetta Porowska, MP, Adrian Czubak, Voivode, Przemysław Zych, Deputy Mayor of Opole, Dr Krzysztof Tomsza, Head of the Emergency Ward, Robert Bryk, Director of the Opole NFZ branch, and Ireneusz Sołek, Director of the Opole Emergency Medical Care Centre.

Working together for the common good

- We are opening a hospital emergency ward in the old-new place, but in a completely new version - said Dariusz Madera. - We have increased its area by 40 percent: from 1500 square metres to 1800. The number of beds has increased from seven to 23, and we also have a special section for children. We have also separated patients admitted to the hospital on a scheduled basis from emergency patients. We have therefore significantly improved the quality of patient care and patient safety. I am very happy that after several years of efforts and work this expensive and complicated project has finally come to an end and that the ward - thanks to the great expertise of the staff and excellent conditions and equipment - will be able to serve the citizens of Opole and the Opole region.

- If we treat politics as caring for the common good, then we are doing just that in the Opole region - said Andrzej Buła. - This should be our priority in the region: politics for the common good. And the highest common good is our health. And this is what the ward we are in today, modernised thanks to our joint efforts, will serve. I would like to congratulate the hospital management, and above all, I would like to pay my respects to the doctors, nurses and paramedics working in the EW - added Marshal Buła.  

Ireneusz Sołek drew attention to the insufficient number of paramedics in our region, but this situation should be soon remediated with help of new paramedics educated at the UO.

 - We, as the University of Opole, have already taken the first steps necessary to create a medical emergency programme at our university - said Prof. Marek Masnyk,. - I hope that this project will be finalised within the next few years.   

Modernised EW at the University Hospital

The number of beds in the modern EW of the UH, which meets the highest standards of medical care, has increased from 7 to 23, of which 18 are observation beds.

- We now have three observation rooms - said Dr Tomsza. - A fully monitored ten-bed room, where the recordings from all devices at individual stations can be watched by the staff on a single collective monitor, and two four-bed rooms. We also have a special intensive care room, equipped with specialist life-saving equipment, which will be used for the most seriously ill patients, - he explained.

One of the four-bed rooms was created with the youngest patients in mind (previously children used to lie in the room with adults). Its unique look was created by the "Dr Clown" Foundation (Opole branch) - the walls are beautifully decorated and the waiting room is equipped with toys.  

The new Emergency Ward has also doctor's surgeries; there is a separate entrance for patients transported by ambulance and those arriving at the ward on their own; there are more toilets, including two for patients with disabilities; and special markings have appeared in the corridors to make it easier for patients to move between surgeries or to the diagnostic imaging unit.

Interestingly, the new EW has been equipped with pneumatic mail system for sending blood or urine samples (they are placed in special tubes and transported by the mail system) to the laboratory. Until now, ward staff carried samples themselves. 

The hospital obtained almost PLN 9.5 million for the project of modernisation and extension of EW, worth almost PLN 12.6 million, from the EU programme implemented by the Ministry of Health. First patients were admitted on Friday, 12 February.

- The EW is a gate to the hospital for patients who come to us in life-threatening state, where they undergo an initial diagnosis and where a decision on further treatment is made, - comments Dariusz Madera. - In the modern ward we will be able to provide them with professional care in very good conditions, with access to the latest equipment. The work comfort of our personnel will also increase - says the director.

- The extension of the ward will allow us to provide greater safety and comfort to patients. Due to the increased number of beds, we need slightly more nurses and paramedics, but there will be the same number of doctors as before, so we will not be able to admit more patients - concludes Dr Tomsza,

Annually, about 55 thousand patients are admitted to the EW of the UH in Opole, of which 40 thousand after preliminary diagnostics and treatment in the unit are discharged home. The remaining patients are referred to relevant hospital wards for further treatment.