Foreigners shall be admitted to the University of Opole on the basis of:

1) international agreements, according to the principles stipulated therein

2) agreements drawn between the University and foreign institutions, according to the principles stipulated therein;

3) decision of the Minister

4) decision of the NAWA director regarding the holders of scholarship;

5) decision of the NCN director on allocation of funds for implementation of basic research in the form of a research project, traineeship or scholarship, qualified for funding in the course of competition;

6) administrative decision of the rector, PAN institute director, director of the research institute, or director of the international institute.

Place and date of document submission

After the registration in the Online Registration System (IRK), all foreigners applying for admission will find information concerning qualification on their internet accounts (no other information is sent to candidates). Candidates qualified for admission have to submit all the required documents before the deadline specified in the Admissions Schedule

Required documents - click here

Tuition fees:

University of Opole charges recruitment fee in the amount of 85 PLN per registration for every programme. Payment must be made to the individual bank account number generated by the Online Registration System (IRK).

Additional payment details:

Account number: PL [your individual bank account number generated by the IRK system]
Beneficiary: Uniwersytet Opolski
Beneficiary's address: Plac Kopernika 11a, 45-040 Opole, Polska (Poland)
Bank: Santander Bank Polska
Bank address: Jana Pawła II 17, 00-854 Warszawa
Payment title: your name and surname, the name of the study programme

Tuition fee for undergraduate and graduate programmes amounts to 5000 PLN per one academic year. Tuition fee shall be refunded in case a candidate’s visa has been rejected upon submission of the receipt of payment and visa refusal document issued by the respective diplomatic institution.

Payment of the tuition fee for the first semester of studies is to be made to the bank account number (for candidates from outside of Poland) sent to the candidate on request. Confirmation of payment for visa procedure is issued on request and upon submission of the payment receipt.

Tuition fee shall not be charged from the following foreigners:

1. foreigners - citizens of the European Union member-states, Switzerland or the European Agreement on Free Trade (EFTA) -  parties of the European Economic Area, including the members of their families residing in the territory of Poland.

2. foreigners who have been granted a permanent residence permit or a long-term EU resident permit;

3. foreigners who have been granted a temporary residence permit in view of the circumstances stated in Art. 159 Section 1 or Art. 186 Section 1, Subsection 3 or 4 of the Act on Foreigners of 12 December, 2013 (Journal of Laws of 2017, Item 2206 and 2282, Journal of Laws of 2018, item 107, 138 and 771);

4. foreigners who hold refugee status, temporary protection or complementary protection in the territory of the Republic of  Poland;

5. foreigners who are holders of the Pole’s Card (Karta Polaka) or persons with a documented confirmation of Polish origin;

6. foreigners being the spouse, ascendant or descendant of a citizen of the Republic of Poland, residing in the territory of the Republic of Poland 

Foreigners can be exempt from paying the tuition fee on the basis of:

1) administrative decision of the rector, director of the PAN institute, or director of the research institute;

2) decision of the Minister or the NAWA director regarding the scholarship holders.

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Contact details:

Office for International Study Programmes

Niechcic Hall of Residence, room 1
87B Katowicka Str.
45-061 Opole
Tel.: +48 77 452 7496