International conference in Institute of Health Sciences

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Guests from Europe, the United States, Australia, Japan and Taiwan will attend the conference 'Modern research trends in biomedical sciences: a holistic view of healthcare' in Opole. The conference will take place at the UO Institute of Health Sciences from 17 to 19 April 2024.

The conference programme includes training panels, discussions and debates, which will focus on interdisciplinary approaches to healthcare. This is because health and disease are concepts of interest to health, biological, chemical and medical sciences, as well as sociological and psychological sciences, among others.

The event will therefore not only be about molecules, cells and organs, but also individuals, families, communities, healthy and sick populations, as well as the natural and man-made environment. The aim of the conference is to demonstrate innovative biomedical research results and gain new knowledge in the fields of health, medical and related sciences.

The conference will be attended by guests from all over the world, including: Sorbonne (France), Coastal Carolina University in Conway (United States), Tzu Chi University Science & Technology in Hualien (Taiwan), International Biophilia Rehabilitation Academy in Tokyo (Japan), Yerevan State University (Armenia), Cadiz University (Spain), Federico II University in Naples (Italy), Klaipeda University (Lithuania) and RMIT University in Melbourne (Australia).

Speakers will also include employees of the University of Opole from the Institute of Medical Sciences, the Institute of Health Sciences, the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy and the Institute of Psychology. There will also be representatives of the University of Wrocław and the Wrocław University of Technology, the Institute of Experimental Biology of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Special Education in Warsaw.

The conference is held under the patronage of the Rector of the University of Opole Prof. Dr habil. Marek Masnyk and President of the Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology in Taiwan – Prof. Wen-Jui Lo. A detailed description and schedule of the event are available here: 1st International Scientific Conference: Modern research trends in biomedical sciences: a holistic approach to health care.

The conference will be carried out as part of the project entitled “Modern research trends in biomedical sciences: a holistic approach to health care" financed by the Ministry of Education and Science, on the basis of the co-financing agreement for the project No. KONF/SP/0195/2023/02.