Research Units

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The following research units operate at the University of Opole:

Faculty of Chemistry

Chair of Analytical and Ecological Chemistry (visit us)

The research of the Chair of Analytical and Ecological Chemistry combines three disciplines: chemistry, biology and agriculture. The main topics include: search for new plant growth regulators, examining biological activity and biodegradation of allelopathically active substances, organophosphorus derivatives of amino acids and other xenobiotics and determination of xenobiotics in food and environmental samples.

Chair of Chemical Technology and Polymer Chemistry (visit us)

The team of the Chair of Chemical Technology and Polymer Chemistry specialises and conducts research in the field of chemistry and technology of polyolefins. The main research concentrates on studying the synthesis of metalorganic complexes used as catalysts for polymerization and copolymerization of ethylene and propylene. The research also focuses on the modification of polyolefins with the goal of changing their properties in the desired direction, stabilization and degradation of polymers, mainly polyolefins.

Faculty of Philology

Interdepartmental Laboratory of Translation and Lexicography (visit us)

It has been active since 2005 and now it has 12 researchers from different departments of the Institute of English and the Institute of Slavic Studies. The laboratory issues a series of Polish-Russian Dictionaries of Idioms and collects dictionaries and lexicographical monographs of the Polish, English and Russian languages.

Faculty of History and Pedagogy

Laboratory of Research and Analysis at the Institute of Political Science

Founded in 2014 as an expert and politically, ideologically unbiased unit, the laboratory is focused on analysing local and regional political scene, evaluating projects, analysing strategic development, media and crisis situations of public entities.

Sociolab (visit us)

The laboratory is a part of the Institute of Sociology. It conducts research and sociological analysis using quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods. It uses the following survey and statistical analysis software: SPSS, Atlas, F4, and Limesurvey.

Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science

Observatory (visit us)

Theodor Kaluza Observatory is a part of the Institute of Physics and is located 206 meters above sea level. It is equipped with five telescopes, filters, CCD cameras and a spectrograph.

Weather Station (visit us)

The Weather Station is a part of the Observatory and is the only met station in Opole supplying current meteorological data and observations.

Laboratory of Modern IT Technologies (visit us)

The laboratory conducts research on possibilities of virtualisation of IT resources and modelling pictures and space in 2D and 3D graphics and supporting prototyping. The laboratory is equipped with two multiprocessor servers, measuring equipment, network switches, mobile computers, 3D printer, 3D scanner and a graphic station.

Faculty of Law and Administration

Centre for Legal Research and Expert Opinions (visit us)

The unit can prepare legal expert opinions for external entities, including preparing legal acts and evaluating possible consequences of those regulations.

Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology 

Centre for Biodiversity Studies (visit us)
The Centre has been in operation within the Chair of Biosystematics since 2006. It inventories and tries to protect the most valuable natural areas in Opole region and other parts of Poland and the world.

Paleontological excavation site - Krasiejów (visit us)
The excavation site has been explored since the 1990s but the Chair of Biosystematics took control of the site in 2002. The age of bones found at Krasiejów has been determined to be 225 mln years.