UO at European University Association conference

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It was the first EUA conference at which the University of Opole was represented as a full member of the alliance. It was hosted by Swansea University from 10 to 12 April 2024.

The event addressed issues of strategic importance for the future of European universities and their alliances.  Discussions covered, among others: the integrity of research with teaching processes, the construction of a research and innovation development agenda in the context of European Union initiatives, and the systematic implementation of artificial intelligence into the world of science.

The University of Opole was represented by Dr Barbara Curyło and Dr Sylwia Frach. Dr Curyło is the Forthem coordinator at the UO and head of the Forthem Coordination Commission at the international level, and Dr Frach is the manager of the Forthem Research, Innovation and Transfer Mission, who coordinated the UO's application process to the EUA.

The European University organisation brings together more than 800 European universities.  It provides a forum for debate on the field of science and higher education in Europe. It also serves as one of the European Commission's key partners in the processes of building educational and research initiatives promoted by the European Union.