Monograph dedicated to Prof. Janusz Czelakowski

Zdjęcie nagłówkowe otwierające podstronę: Monograph dedicated to Prof. Janusz Czelakowski

A monograph dedicated to the figure of Prof. Janusz Czelakowski has been published as part of the Outstanding Contributions to Logic series. The series, published by Springer, presents profiles of the world's most eminent logicians.

Prof. Czelakowski has worked at the University of Opole for many years. The monograph Janusz Czelakowski on Logical Consequence (ISBN 978-3-031-44490-6) contains a discussion of his biography and academic achievements. An important part of the book consists of articles written by logicians and mathematicians from many countries, referring to the professor's research but including original results. In the book, Prof. Czelakowski also outlines his prospects for further research.