FORTHEM conference in March

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We have just opened registration for the first FORTHEM conference 'FORTHEM - For the Future'.

Detailed information is available on the website of the conference.

The first annual FORTHEM conference 'FORTHEM - For the Future' aims at bringing together researchers from all disciplines to discuss ways in which they could contribute to shape the future of Europe - whether in the context of  global competitiveness or specific priority areas, challenges and missions. It is vital that our community grows and engages in as many disciplines and topics as possible. The networks should go beyond the boundaries of the FORTHEM, involving researchers from other alliances, research institutions of all kinds, as well as partners outside academia.

General sessions:

  • Europe as a hub for inclusiveness and democratic values
  • Cultural heritage, a testimony of the past and reference book
  • Physical and mental health in complex times of crisis, and economic and political instability
  • Overpopulation and overconsumption triggering hunger, resource scarcity, migration, climate change, and the pollution of the atmosphere, the soil and the oceans
  • The role of life sciences in an increasingly aging society
  • The chemistry of the Green Deal
  • The physics of Climate Change
  • Digitization and artificial intelligence as key drivers for science and education in the future

Interdisciplinary sessions specially targeted for Early-Stage researchers:

  • Social Sciences and Humanities – Creative research ideas and their potential societal impact
  • Natural Sciences – Be innovative and shape the future in your field