Biologists' Night

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The 13th edition of the Biologists' Night at the University of Opole took place on 12 January 2024. The event brought together enthusiasts of biological sciences, teenagers, students and all those interested in discovering the mysteries of nature.

“This year's edition of the Biologists' Night at our university came as a total surprise to us, as the available places filled up very quickly,” said Krystyna Waindzoch, M.Sc., coordinator of the Biologists' Night at the UO. “We are delighted that the interest in the Biologists' Night is so huge,”

“This extraordinary response motivates us to keep going," added Dr Mateusz Antczak from the UO Paleobiology Research Team.

This year's programme included as many as thirty different attractions, including activities in laboratories, demonstrations and opportunities to gain practical skills. Participants could explore topics such as DNA barcoding, the life of ants, the mysterious world of plants and the role of micro-organisms in human life. It was also possible to make a preparation with one's own hands.

The activities took place in the building of the Institute of Biology, the Institute of Environmental Engineering and Biotechnology, as well as in the newly established International Research and Development Centre of the UO.

The Biologists’ Night is an annual, nationwide event, during which scientific centres dedicated to biological sciences open their lecture theatres and laboratories to the general public. The aim of this event is to popularise and disseminate biological knowledge, issues related to life sciences and to arouse interest in these issues.

The theme of this year's Biologists' Night across the country was: "Secrets of life from cells to the biosphere".

The Institute of Biology, together with the Institute of Environmental Engineering and Biotechnology of the UO, is one of 35 co-organisers of this nationwide event.