Online workshops "Equality, diversity and acceptance"

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Dear Students!
We are happy to invite you to the online workshops "Equality, diversity and acceptance".


Group 1
Group 2
             30.03 - 16.00-18.30                
            04.04 - 16.00-18.30            

Place: Microsoft Teams Platform

Language: English

The workshops will be conducted by the Rector’s Proxy for Equal Treatment, Dr Marzanna Pogorzelska.

In order to register for the workshops, please fill in the registration form. Registration is open till Monday, 27th March, 10 am. Participants of the workshops will have an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in the field of intercultural competencies and equal treatment. Each participant will receive a certificate of participation. The workshops will be held in small groups, to ensure smooth interaction and effective teamwork. The number of places is limited!

The workshops are organized within the project "UO for International Students", which is financed by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange under the Welcome to Poland Programme.