Europa Master graduation

Zdjęcie nagłówkowe otwierające podstronę: Europa Master graduation

On 11 December 2021, a graduation ceremony was held at Collegium Civitas for graduates of the Polish-German-French Europa Master programme. The programme has been implemented since 2013 by the Faculty of Political Science and Social Communication of the UO in cooperation with Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and University of Burgundy in Dijon.

This year, the ceremony took on a double character as both the 2021 and 2020 graduates, who together with their families and friends came to Opole from EU countries (France, Germany, Poland) and non-EU countries (Montenegro, Turkey) were presented with their diplomas.

As in previous years, the ceremony was accompanied by a solemn but very joyful atmosphere. Also, as usual, it was attended by representatives of the partner centres. The director of the Europa Master Programme at Mainz University, Prof. Arne Niemann, was present in person, while the director of the programme at Dijon University, Prof. Philippe Icard, together with Amandine Genty and Bernhard Altheim, who currently represents both Dijon and Mainz Universities, participated in the event online. 

The University of Opole was represented by the university and faculty authorities in the persons of Vice-Rector for Research Prof. Jacek Lipok, Director of the Institute of Political Science and Administration, Prof. Lech Rubisz and Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Political Science and Social Communication, Dr. Grzegorz Haber.

Addressing the audience, the speakers pointed to the uniqueness of the Europa Master programme on a pan-European scale, but also to a special kind of commitment, which the graduates, thanks to the experience gained during their studies in three different countries in an international group, have a chance to fulfil as true ambassadors of the united Europe.

In their speeches, the graduates expressed, above all, their joy at having made the decision years ago to participate in the Europa Master programme, which is undoubtedly a challenge, but also an invaluable intellectual and cultural adventure. They also pointed out, in the context of the idea born at University of Mainz in 2007, the importance of initiative, creativity and commitment, which, once activated, take on a life of their own on a scale beyond the imagination of their creators.

Sabina Baraniewicz-Kotasińska