Doctoral School - Interviews Dates

Interviews will be held from 5 to 9 September 2022.

There will be a separate date for each discipline. Individual dates will be announced in the IRK and on the website of the University of Opole.

Candidates qualified for an interview are required to send their presentations/essays by September 2, 2021 to the e-mail address:, and to bring the file with their presentation/essay on a portable drive (pendrive) on the day of the Committee meeting. During the presentation, candidates will be provided with a laptop and an OHP.

Pursuant to Section 4 (5) (3 and 4) of the Appendix to the Resolution No. 249/2016-2020 of the Senate of the UO of March 19, 2020 on the conditions and procedure of admissions to the Doctoral School of the UO:

The research project should be presented during the interview in the form of an oral and a multimedia presentation. The candidate should present a general formulation of the research problem and goal, as well as demonstrate that the issues are embedded in the current achievements of a given scientific discipline. The project evaluation criteria are:

  • clarity of the formulation of the problem and research goal,
  • innovation/originality of the problem,
  • maturity of theoretical argument and justification of the research problem,
  • knowledge of the subject literature.

The candidate is expected to have knowledge of the selected scientific discipline in which the research project will be carried out, knowledge of the methodology of conducting scientific research. They should indicate the motives for undertaking scientific work and present their own scientific interests. A written exam confirming knowledge of the selected discipline in which the research project will be carried out can a part of the interview.

List of qualified candidate will be announced on a later date.