International journal on drugs guest edited by a UO sociologist

Zdjęcie nagłówkowe otwierające podstronę: International journal on drugs guest edited by a UO sociologist

Group of editors in Turkey (photo: private collection)

A special issue of Drugs: Education Prevention & Policy journal has been co-edited by Michał Wanke, Sveinung Sandberg, Ruken Macit, and Hakan Gülerce. 

The issue is entitled Cannabis: Cultures and Markets and concludes two years’ work under the Strategic Partnership Erasmus+ project DAPY (Drug Abuse Prevention for Youth). It includes papers on cannabis users’ cultures and markets of this popular psychoactive substance, which has been involved in dynamic cultural, social, political and legal changes. The eleven papers (out of several dozen submissions), written by researchers from Latvia, Poland, Nigeria, Norway, Sweden, Mexico, Canada, the US, Australia and New Zealand, cover transformations of stigmatization, normalization processes, survival of subcultures and social worlds in the face of varying changes in law and social attitudes towards cannabis.

Dr Michał Wanke is a sociologist working at the Chair of Cultural Studies of the University of Opole; Professor Sveinung Sandberg is a sociologist at the Department of Criminology of Oslo University in Norway, and Dr Ruken Macit and Dr Hakan Gülerce work at the Department of Sociology of Harran University in Turkey.

The special issue can be found here: