Attention 1st-cycle full-time students!

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The Foreign Language Centre invites all full-time students of the first-cycle studies to become acquainted with the terms and conditions of registration for foreign language courses in the summer semester and to register for foreign language examinations in the winter examination period.  All the information is available on the USOSweb Online registration for students ( Tab: Instructions)

Pending registration, please check your login and the status of your tokens.

Registration deadlines:

1. Registration for language courses

11.01 - 14-01.2022 - round 1 for the second and third year students who have not started any language courses so far

18.01 - 21.01. 2022 – round 2 for the first year students

11.02.2022 - registration confirmation

2. Registration for exams in the winter examination period: 18.01 - 21.01.2022


When registering, please pay attention to the description of the group to which you intend to register.  Groups with the note:  'Transferred Credit' [Przepis lektoratu] DO NOT HAVE CLASSES and are intended only for students who are qualified for having their credit for a foreign language course transferred.

Groups with the note: "For students with a certificate” [Dla studentów z certyfikatem] - are for students who have the relevant B2 CERTIFICATE entitling them only to have the examination credit transferred.  In this case, it is also necessary to register for another language in order to complete a 120-hour foreign language course at any level for a grade credit (with no examination).

The consequence of incorrect registration due to a student's fault is the loss of a token.