Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral and Post-doctoral degrees

Zdjęcie nagłówkowe otwierające podstronę: Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral and Post-doctoral degrees

On 11 June 2021, a ceremonial conferment of doctoral and post-doctoral degrees took place in the auditorium of the Inter-Diocesan Seminary at Drzymały Street. The oath was taken by 22 doctors and nine post-doctoral fellows.

The ceremony, although with due academic ceremonial, took place in a slightly different form than usual; due to the pandemic restrictions it was attended by fewer people than in years past.

Addressing new doctors and habilitated doctors, the Rector of the Opole University, Prof. Marek Masnyk, referred to the fact that the previous year, which passed in the shadow of the pandemic, would leave a permanent imprint on all of us as one traumatic life experience, and the world would never be the same again as it was before the outbreak of the epidemic.

“The essence of our academic work is to a great extent based on personal contacts, on direct relations between master and disciple, which we have been deprived of for over a year,” said the rector. “Direct exchange of scholarly ideas will never be replaced by online conferences.  However, after fourteen months we are finally getting back to the rhythm of academic life and we can celebrate our university tradition.”

Prof. Masnyk emphasised that a doctoral conferment ceremony was one of the three most important events in the academic calendar, next to the inauguration of the academic year and the University Day in March.

“You are entering the world of science," said the rector to the protagonists of the ceremony. “For many of you, this is the first step in your careers, for others, it is the achievement of a goal and the fulfilment of plans and ambitions. In the world of science, the most important thing is freedom of scientific research, but also adherence to high standards. We will not only expect this from you, but also demand it. You must all strive to be the best specialists in your fields. I would like to thank you, your supervisors and your loved ones for your efforts. We are proud of you. May you succeed on your scientific path and in your everyday lives!”

The post-doctoral fellows were introduced by their deans, while the rector took the oath from them. Then, the rector, together with their supervisors and the directors of the institutes, presented them with their diplomas  

The doctoral oath ceremony, taking place in Latin, was conducted by Rev. Prof. Marek Lis from the Faculty of Theology.

Traditionally, the rector's awards for outstanding students and doctoral students are also presented during the conferment ceremony. This year - due to the COVID-19 pandemic - the awards were accepted on behalf of the honoured ones by Żaneta Niemczyk, president of the UO Students’ Union, and Paweł Świsłowski, president of the UO Doctoral Students’ Union.

Beata Łabutin

Photo: Filip Ożarowski