Let's get vaccinated!

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Mass vaccination is the only way to stave off the COVID-19 pandemic and return to normal functioning. Out of our sense of responsibility for our common safety and concern for the comfort of our lives, we invite you to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. The vaccination centre prepared for students and employees of the University of Opole and their relatives will be open on 17 June 2021 in the Student Culture Centre. We look forward to seeing you between 2 and 8 pm.

Those wishing to be vaccinated will be attended to by two teams from the University Hospital, consisting of a person qualifying for the vaccination and a person performing the vaccination.

You can register here

After completing the questionnaire, you will receive an email with the exact date and time of the vaccination.


The vaccination is organised by the University Hospital so after registering via the above link, you will also receive a system text message (from the e-Zdrowie platform) with a notification of the date and place of vaccination. This text message should be disregarded and you should only follow the information sent to you in the email from the university domain.

See you at the vaccination centre!