Chinese Students Start Their Studies

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Young Chinese, who will be studying at the Opole University from October 1, 2019, spent a week in Opole, during which they were to acquaint themselves with the city, the university and, if they wanted, with basic phrases in Polish.

On Friday, September 27, 2019, they completed their classes at Collegium Minus and took a group photograph on the stairs in front of the building. They ended short but intensive preparations in order to begin their studies at the UO in a few days' time.

- Working with people from different cultures, such as Chinese, is always a challenge,- says Dr Michał Wanke, coordinator for international programmes at the University of Opole. - These young people need to be encouraged, opened up, and given some basic knowledge about how our university functions. Our Chinese students have ambitions to focus not only on their studies but also on their personal development and to become citizens of the world.