Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science

The Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science was founded in 1954 as the Institute of Mathematics. At present it consists of four units: Chair of Algebra and Logic, Chair of Mathematical Analysis, Department of Computer Science and Department of Topology.

The research focuses on general topology, algebraic mathematical logic, application of differential equations and stochastic processes, general algebraic structures and theoretical computer science. The members of the staff have high scientific reputation in Poland and abroad. They are members of science associations, editorial committees of Polish and international journals and work in EU expert teams.

The Institute offers three level programme studies in mathematics and two level programme studies in computer science. The high quality of teaching is the most important objective of the Institute and that is why the teaching process is closely monitored and modernised.


The main fields of our research are:
  • General topology
  • Algebra and mathematical logic
  • Differential equations
  • Theoretical computer science
  • Applied computer science

Degree Programmes:


  • first-cycle programme with such specialities as: financial mathematics, mathematical modelling and data analysis or teacher training
  • second-cycle programme with such specialities as: financial mathematics, mathematical modelling and data analysis, applied mathematics, theoretical mathematics and teacher training
  • third-cycle, PhD study programme (4 years)
Computer Science:

  • first-cycle study programme - BA (3 years)
  • first-cycle study programme – engineering programme (3.5 years)
  • second-cycle study programme – MA (2 years)
  • second-cycle study programme – MA for engineers (1.5 years)

The study programmes fully prepare students for their future jobs, providing them with broad knowledge and practical skills. The students use modern laboratories and computer rooms. Curricula are adjusted to the present requirements of the labour market and individual interests of the students.

Future prospects:

Graduates of mathematics have a thorough knowledge of principal mathematical areas, which is further extended in the fields of their selected specialities. They know how to use advanced IT tools to solve theoretical and practical problems. They possess professional skills necessary for work in institutions where logical, analytical and algorithmic thinking and problem solving capabilities are required, for example in banks, trading companies, insurance agencies, consulting agencies or industry. 
Graduates in computer science have knowledge and skills allowing them to solve IT problems, to give opinions on the basis of incomplete or limited information, to manage work groups and conduct research. They can work for IT companies, state administration and local government institutions. 

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