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How It Began

The idea of creating the University of Opole Museum (Muzeum Uniwersytetu Opolskiego), a centre for storing, providing documentation, and exhibiting  mementoes, relics of the past and works of art was initiated in 2012 by Professor Stanisław S. Nicieja, Rector of the University of Opole. Being a biographical historian, author of numerous monographs and articles concerning the establishment and development of the Higher Pedagogical College (Wyższa Szkoła Pedagogiczna) and the University of Opole, including the work entitled Alma Mater Opoliensis. Ludzie, fakty, wydarzenia (Alma Mater Opoliensis. People, facts and events) and acting with the sense of responsibility and duty of securing and preserving the heritage of the first institution of higher education in Opole, Professor Nicieja came to the conclusion that the University of Opole Museum should be the location for storing the exhibits which testify to the scientific and cultural heritage of the Alma Mater and which will serve as the source of inspiration for new creative and innovative initiatives.

The Museum's mission is to preserve the documents and relics testifying to the history and contemporary days of  the University of Opole, the largest institution of higher education in Opole region, which carries out a variety of research and educational tasks and serves as an important regional culture-building centre. It will also play an educational role such as promoting the knowledge about the University's history and popularising valuable and interesting aspects of selected academic disciplines, culture and art by way of organising exhibitions, meetings and lectures. The exhibition "Alma Mater Opoliensis" was the first one of the series and was prepared for the opening of the University of Opole Museum. 

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