UO Campus

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The University of Opole has got one of the most interesting and best located campuses in Poland

Great location

At the heart of the campus there is a complex of sports fields where you can play football, volleyball or basketball. You can also get fit using our outdoor gym located next to the halls.
If you are studying physics , social sciences, law, chemistry, mathematics or pedagogy you will find your lecture rooms right next door to your dorm, because quite a few of our faculty buildings are also on campus. Thus, sleeping in even on weekdays is not a problem anymore.

Great people

If you want to do something more than just eat, sleep and study you can go to our ultra-modern Student Activity Centre, where you can always meet interesting people, take part in various workshops and social events, become a member of various clubs or societies, or you can enjoy live music, concerts and art exhibitions. You can join a team of radio presenters working at the Student Radio Station - Signals Radio or become a reporter with SETA – Student Television.

As you can see our campus is always full of life. You can hang out with your friends, relax on a bench, sit on grass and just read or just have fun. There are also organised big events attracting thousands of students and visitors. The most important event is called Piastonalia – lots of our guests think that it is the coolest student festival in Poland. Four days full of music, live concerts, cultural and sports events leave our students and guests quite exhausted but happy all the same.

Our campus is located right in the centre of Opole. Thus, a 12-minute walk will get you to the Old Market, 20 minutes and you are at the railway station, 5 minutes and you are watching a movie at the multi-screen cinema. If you want to swim or do shopping, no problem, a swimming pool and a shopping centre are also close by. If you are hungry and you do not feel like cooking anything by yourself visit bars, cafes or restaurants located within a walking distance from the campus. If you are tired of walking you can use a city bike and reach some beauty spots Opole is famous for.

Great facilities

There are four Halls of Residence on campus. Niechcic Hall has been built recently and is one of the most modern halls in Poland while the other three halls have just been refurbished. Thus, all our halls are very modern and of the highest living standards. You can enjoy single, double or triple study bedrooms with ensuite facilities. There are also kitchen and laundry facilities available. If you cannot sleep at night you can visit University observatory, which is located on the 12th floor of Niechcic Hall and find out what is written in the stars.

It is open 24 hours so you can train whenever you like.