Registration Fee

Every candidate will receive an individual bank account number (generated by the Online Registration System (IRK)), which they will use to for paying a recruitment fee. The last eleven digits of this number will be the same as their PESEL number (international students will have their provisional PESEL number generated during the registration process). Before making the payment make sure that you have entered the correct bank account number.

Registration fees are non-refundable, with the exception of the following cases:

1. The programme has not been opened due to the lack of the sufficient number of candidates;
2. Candidate has erroneously paid higher amount of money;
3. Invalid registration – no registration for a given programme, or payment after due date;

Application for a recruitment fee refund  (winter 2018/2019) must be sent by e-mail to:  not later than 31 March 2019, using the form available at the above linked page. Applications will be considered within two weeks, with the exception of applications sent in August.

When admitted to the University all the charges (e.g. tuition fees) are to be made to the individual bank account number received after the admittance. The bank account generated in the IRK system is only for registration fees.