Jubilee Exhibition in Karolinka

Zdjęcie nagłówkowe otwierające podstronę: Jubilee Exhibition in Karolinka
65 years of tradition, 25 years of university - under this slogan our university celebrates its jubilee year.  The most important events in the history of our university - from the beginnings of the Opole Pedagogical College in the fifties of the last century, through the establishment of the University of Opole in 1994, the creation of new faculties, awarding doctor honoris causa titles to Polish and foreign celebrities - have been presented on the boards of the jubilee exhibition under the slogan '65 years of tradition, 25 years of the University of Opole'.

For several days now, the exhibition has been on display at the Karolinka Shopping Centre at Wrocławska Street, in the main hall of the gallery.

Nineteen boards full of photographs is the history of our university in a nutshell. It is worth taking a short break while shopping and stop for a moment at the jubilee exhibition devoted to the University of Opole - the largest and oldest university in the region.      

The exhibition was prepared by the Main Library of the University of Opole, with the use of rich archival materials of the university, mainly photographs and documents. In the pictures from the past you can see the first rectors of the Opole Pedagogical College, then the University of Opole, the first historic 'Żakinada' (Students' Parade), the commissioning of new, renovated, revitalized or new university buildings, reports from the most important ceremonies, visits of outstanding guests, science festivals, etc. 

The exhibition is a great opportunity to see the history of the University of Opole.