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For over 60 years the Institute of Slavonic Studies has been developing its didactic and research potential achieving high quality of teaching and research. Its high research and didactic position is made possible by a group of eminent scholars and experienced academic teachers who enjoy national and international recognition. In 2012 the Institute was positively evaluated by the Polish State Accreditation Committee. 


The institute conducts advanced research in linguistics – Polish-Slavonic contrastive linguistics, Slavonic literature, culture and emigrantology, and also in teaching foreign languages. The members of the Institute organise international scientific conferences, publish the results of their research and take part in international research projects. Thanks to numerous agreements signed with foreign universities our students can go on exchange visits to Potsdam, Halle, Olomouc, Opava, Brno, Moscow or Kiev. They can also participate in language courses in Russian, Czech and Serbian centres.

 Study programmes:

The Institute offers the following degree programmes:

(BA) Foreign Languages in Business, Foreign Languages in Tourism and Slavic Studies

(MA) Foreign Languages in Business, Applied Translation Studies

The study programmes are interdisciplinary; they include practical language teaching, humanist courses, social and economic courses and culture of given countries courses.

The BA programmes give students an opportunity to learn two languages: Russian /Czech and English/ German – C1 level and the basics of the third language.

The MA programmes further develop the language skills and give professional translation skills (Applied Translation Studies) or the knowledge of economic and social issues (Foreign Languages in Business)

Future careers:

Our graduates have a profound knowledge of history, geography and culture of countries of taught languages combined with the knowledge of economics, which makes them ready to build their careers in travel agencies, translation bureaus, publishing houses, mass-media, educational institutions and state agencies – in other words in all places where a good command of foreign languages and profound knowledge of other cultures is in demand.

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