Science and Research Centre at UH officially opened

Zdjęcie nagłówkowe otwierające podstronę: Science and Research Centre at UH officially opened

On 22 November 2022, the Science and Research Centre at UH was officially opened - already in operation for the benefit of patients.

The ceremony was attended by many guests, including Andrzej Buła, Marshal of the Voivodeship, Marcin Ociepa, Deputy Minister of Defence, Professor Marek Masnyk, Rector of the UO, Dariusz Madera, General Director of the hospital, Agnieszka Ryniec, Director of the Clinical Research Development Centre of the Medical Research Agency, Prof. Marek Gierlotka, Director of the Institute of Medical Sciences at the UO, Przemysław Zych, Deputy Mayor of Opole, representatives of local authorities, institutions, companies and, of course, employees of the University Hospital.

At the beginning of the ceremony, guests were shown a film about the goals and tasks to be fulfilled by the newly opened facility, which looks very impressive (link below).

In their short speeches, the guests emphasised that cooperation and perfectionism in the writing and implementation of applications for funding for the centre was the way to the success of its launch.

Marshal Andrzej Buła also spoke about it: “For its fifth birthday, the UH gets itself such presents that one can only congratulate. Five years, and still something good is happening here for the hospital staff, for patients and for the prestige of the institution.  We are carrying out many joint projects for science and research together - as the local government, the University and UH - and this is happening thanks to the ambition and efforts of many people, whom I would like to thank.”

Rector Prof. Marek Masnyk thanked everyone involved in the project. “In a few months' time, we will have the first medical graduates at the UO, and maybe some of them will stay at the UH," he said, stressing that this could be facilitated by the fact that the institution is developing rapidly, with modern facilities and excellent staff.

Director Dariusz Madera thanked everyone that had contributed to the development of the centre for their commitment and hard work, adding that this was not the end of the hospital's investments. 

The culminating moment of the ceremony was the joint cutting of a symbolic ribbon, after which the guests could take a tour of the modern facility.


Officially opened on 22 November, the Science and Research Centre of the University Hospital in Opole is dedicated to supporting scientific staff in conducting medical research using modern technologies and transferring the results to the economy.  It is also a training centre for students and a place where patients from the Opole Voivodeship can benefit from clinical research.

“We have established the Science and Research Centre at USK, which includes the University Centre for Clinical Research Support (UCCRS) and the Centre for Research and Innovation in Civilisation Diseases: cardiovascular and spinal diseases," says Dariusz Madera, General Director of the UH in Opole.

To launch the UCCRS, the hospital obtained, as a partner of the University of Opole, a grant from the Medical Research Agency in the amount of more than PLN 8.7 million, while the Centre for Research and Innovation - at a cost of more than PLN 31 million - was established thanks to funding from the EU pool of the Marshal's Office of the Opole Voivodeship (more than PLN 16 million) and the Ministry of Science and Education (more than PLN 2.4 million).

The centres are located in an adapted building within the hospital complex. Laboratories, research and medical rooms have been equipped with first-class medical instruments. They include, among others, a three-tissue MRI scanner, a transcutaneous oxygen velocity measuring device for vascular surgery examinations, a premium-class device for cardiac ultrasound examinations (one of a dozen such devices in Poland), and a holographic system for imaging during cardiac and surgical procedures.  The Science and Research Centre in Opole has an IT infrastructure that allows it to process large amounts of data and implement research programmes in the field of artificial intelligence.

“Our centre's team includes specialists in scientific consultancy, planning, organisation and coordination of research, as well as legal services, support in obtaining funding for research and settlements," says Marek Cisowski, MD, PhD, Assoc. Prof., Director of the SRC in Opole. “Our aim is to provide complementary support for medical research, especially on civilisation diseases, in the fields such as cardiology, neurology, orthopaedics and vascular diseases,” says Prof. Cisowski.

“Thanks to this, our partners and patients who take part in scientific and research projects are guaranteed the highest quality of services,” comments Dariusz Madera, adding that the centre's offer is addressed to medical and healthcare researchers, medical companies, but also businesses in the broad sense.

“The scientific activity of the medical community in Opole has led to the establishment of the Science and Research Centre of the University Hospital in Opole.  We have built it also with medical students and graduates in mind, so that they can pursue their scientific passions and ambitions here. We hope that this is one of the factors that will encourage them to stay in our region for longer," says Professor Jacek Lipok, Vice-Rector for Science at the University of Opole.