Upcycling - Sustainable Fashion

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On Wednesday, September 16, at the Municipal Public Library, 4 Minoritów St. in Opole, there will be held an upcycling workshop prepared under the Erasmus+ Programme by a student from the University of Burgundy in Dijon, Oziona Uzodinma.

The aim of the workshop is to promote sustainable fashion (upcycling) and intercultural exchange between foreigners (including foreign students) and inhabitants of Opole. The clothes brought by the participants will be transformed with the help of organizer into backpacks or shopping bags only with the use of simple, creative DIY methods without the need of sewing. More details and a registration form available at the library site: https://mbp.opole.pl/sala-konferencyjna/wydarzenia/dla-wszystkich/intercultural-upcycling-workshop-miedzykulturowe-warsztaty-upcyclingowe/  

Ozioma Uzodinma is a student of the MA programme Projects in International and European Cultural Engineering  at the University of Burgundy and now she is completing  her Erasmus+ Programme internship in the Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Social Space and Art at the University of Opole. Here she is learning methods of work and communication strategies of Polish representatives of the creative sector.