Agreement on Merger of UO and Medical School Signed

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The historic meeting took place on 21 May 2020 in the Senate Hall of the University of Opole.

- There are moments worth waiting for even five years - said Prof. Marek Masnyk, Rector of the University of Opole, opening the meeting. - Today we participate in such a moment, crowning several years of hard work and difficult talks.

Then Prof. Masnyk, as the host of the meeting, welcomed the guests:  Wojciech Murdzek, Minister of Science and Higher Education, Anna Budzanowska, Under-secretary of State in the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Jarosław Gowin, former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Science and Higher Education, Marcin Ociepa, Member of Parliament and Secretary of State in the Ministry of National Defence, Prof. Marek Masnyk, Rector of the University of Opole, Dr habil. Tomasz Halski, Rector of the State Medical School (PMWSZ ) in Opole, Anna Zembaczyńska, President of the PMWSZ Council and Andrzej Drosik, President of the Council  of the University of Opole.

After five years, we can say: we did it

Rector Masnyk reminded that in August, it would be five years since Jarosław Gowin's visit to Opole, during which, at a meeting in the town hall, the future of universities in Opole was discussed.  It was also then that a declaration on establishing Faculty of Medicine at the University of Opole was signed and it was stated that the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine must result in the future in the merger of the PMWSZ and the University of Opole.

- Today we can say that we succeeded - said the rector. We are now, together with Rector Halski, after signing the agreement, which probably satisfies all expectations of both parties. I did not expect that I would end my first term and start the second one as Rector of the UO so successfully - added Rector Masnyk.   

Minister Wojciech Murdzek: I declare my kind support.

- It is with great joy and reverence that I turn to you to express my joy that we participate together in this historic moment - said Wojciech Murdzek, Minister of Science and Higher Education.  The involvement of many people in the difficult project of consolidating these institutions of higher education has brought the effect that we see today. When I was presented with the list of pros and cons of the merger I had to say that the advantage of pros was devastating. Thus, I wanted to finalise the process of merging the universities and to do it with the conviction of both sides that the good is happening! I thank Minister Anna Budzanowska for continuing this work with tact and determination. The doubts were dispelled, mainly thanks to both rectors, who put the good things before the bad.  We want the University of Opole to be a strong university, strengthened by the potential of the PMWSZ.  I declare kind support in ideas and actions! I wish you, strengthened by the merger, to handle all academic challenges, so that the list of your successes continues to grow!

The floor was also taken by Dr habil. Tomasz Halski, Rector of PMWSZ  - Thank you all very much for the fact that I am here today - he said. Our school has achieved a good position thanks to years of work.  Of course, we did it primarily for our own development, acting as a team. The University of Opole works in a similar way - placing emphasis on teamwork. I am glad that we will be able to work as a team, implementing numerous ideas together. We are very keen to develop our talents, so that we can educate our students in the best possible way.   

Not only the success of universities   

- I am very happy that the process of the consolidation of both institutions has reached a happy ending - said Jarosław Gowin, former Minister of Science and Higher Education. - I would like to thank both academic communities for this, and above all the person who was behind the project from the beginning: Mr Marcin Ociepa.  Gowin stressed  that the merger of the institutions is not only their own success, but also the success of Opole, the region, and an important event on the national scale. - We need strong academic units - stable and with great potential, which will cope with the challenges of today.  The development of the world after the crisis caused by the pandemic must be based on the development of science.  Thanks to this merger, Opole may become a strong academic centre on the map of Poland - he added emphasizing that it is guaranteed by the great achievements of the UO, which will now be enriched with the achievements of the PMWSZ.

Marcin Ociepa spoke in a similar tone. - What we are celebrating today is not an end in itself - he stressed. - We are consolidating universities in order to create a very strong academic centre, believing that Opole will either be an academic town or just a provincial one... The development of the academic nature of Opole is a direction that we must focus on. We expect a synergy effect, which will be given by the tradition, versatility and strength of the university and the youth and potential of the medical school.

Andrzej Drosik, President of the Opole University Council, handed a letter of thanks to Minister Wojciech Murdzek for "helping to bring the consolidation process to its conclusion".