Drug Prevention Grant for Sociologists

Zdjęcie nagłówkowe otwierające podstronę: Drug Prevention Grant for Sociologists
The project of sociologists from Turkey, Norway, Portugal and Poland has received funding from the Turkish Erasmus+ Agency. The undertaking "Drug Abuse Prevention for Youth" is a two-year innovative project within the framework of Action 2 - strategic partnerships for young people, which gained funds of 115 thousand Euro.

The leader is Harran University from Turkey, and partners - apart from the University of Opole- University of Oslo, University of Istanbul, University of Castamon and the Portuguese NGO Associação Juvenil from Deão.

The project will develop a study programme in drug abuse prevention in Turkey and intercultural scenarios for lessons, workshops and prevention training, as well as an online course for prevention activists and, as a result of this work, scientific publications.

The project leader, Harran University in Şanlıurfa is located in a multicultural region in the south of Turkey on the border with Syria, in an area of great migration caused by military actions. Drug use among the youth is a serious problem for which the local social services and educators are completely unprepared.

The project is coordinated by Dr Ruken Macit, who has been collaborating with Opole's sociology since 2015, when she attended a training at the Institute of Sociology in computer-supported qualitative analysis, working on her material from interviews with Turkish drug dealers.

The role of UO researchers is to support Turkish colleagues with knowledge and experience in the prevention of risky behaviours of youth.

Dr Michał Wanke and Dr Magdalena Piejko-Płonka from the University of Opole have been awarded grants to the National Bureau for Drug Prevention for many years have conducted research in the field of study and analysis of prevention activities in the Opole region. They also had a training at the EMCDDA in Lisbon, so they will make a valuable contribution to the project which will start in February 2020 with the first partners' working session in Istanbul.