5th Ball of University of Opole

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The fifth ball of the University of Opole will be held on 21 February 2020 at the "Słociak" Hotel in Opole at 2A Księżycowa Street.

The Opole University Ball goes back to the 70's and 80's and is a great opportunity to meet friends from college after years, to integrate the academic community and to celebrate our jubilee - the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Opole University. And, naturally, it is a superb opportunity to have a great time in Carnival 2020! 

The ball is organised for students, staff memebers, graduates and friends of the University of Opole.

The participation fee is 160 PLN (in January), 170 PLN (in February) per person and is payable to the account of the Students' Association of the University of Opole 'Juvenes': 04 1020 3668 0000 5702 0427 3181 (PKO BP) with a note: Ball UO 2020 - full name, table number, and phone number.  

Fee should be paid upon receipt of confirmation of acceptance of the application, not later than 19 February 2020.

More information at www.bal.uni.opole.pl