UO Co-hosting Conference in China

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The Faculty of Chemistry was a co-organizer of an international conference: 1st Polish-China Conference 'From molecular modeling to nano- and biotechnology', which took place on 10-14 November 2019 in China University of Geosciences in Wuhan, China. - The conference focused on important areas of science such as nanotechnology and biotechnology - emphasizes Prof. Teobald Kupka, co-host of the event.

The participants from Europe (invited speakers) were: Prof. Andrzej Borodziński, Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw; Prof. Karol Jackowski, University of Warsaw; Dr Joachim Włodarz, University of Silesia, Dr Michal Straka and Dr Jakub Kaminsky from the Czech Academy of Sciences. The other participants were guests from Taiwan and China. 

The University of Opole was represented by Prof. Teobald Kupka - co-host of the conference,

- We only had to pay the travel costs, and the rest was covered by the hosts," says Prof. Kupka. - We visited the new university campus, the Museum of Minerals and the Museum of the Province of Hubei. In addition, we saw the Eastern Lake and the Valley of Gingko Biloba. The Chinese students who took care of the participants from Europe were very helpful.

As Professor Kupka emphasizes, the discussions that took place in the labs within the framework of the conference participants' meetings indicate the possibility of aiding the Wuhan material science with the chemical expertise of scientists from the University of Opole. - The hosts pointed to the possibility of conducting joint research in the future - adds the scientist. - The topic of "selenium in food" is an example of a project that we started together at the beginning of 2019.

The conference was a continuation of the earlier research meetings that took place in Opole and Taipei. The next conference is scheduled in Opole, in 2020.