Introducing Cultures: Indonesia

Zdjęcie nagłówkowe otwierające podstronę: Introducing Cultures: Indonesia What is the tastiest water in Indonesia? What is the first thing you need to learn when going to a restaurant? How to take shower in Indonesia? Is it easy or difficult to take a selfie with the locals? How to get ready for going to the beach? Ania Tomczak, our Europa Master graduate, who has been living in Indonesia for a year now, will gladly give you answers to all your questions and share her first-hand experience with us from this beautiful country. If you want to learn more about the country of 17.000 islands and hear many fascinating stories about life in Indonesia, join us on January, 24 at 3 p.m. in Collegium Maius (Aula Błękitna).

Introducing Cultures - a series of meetings and lectures is organized by Office for International Study Programmes of the University of Opole.