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Economics - International Business,  full time BA study programme

Bachelor's Programme in International Business provides specific knowledge, tools and experience required to become a successful international business leader. As a student of this programme you will gain:

  • an international perspective on business,
  • human management and teamwork skills,
  • business and intercultural skills essential for leading and managing inter- and multinational companies and organisations,
  • professional development in communication and languages skills,
  • critical and creative thinking skills, the ability to solve problems,
  • excellent skills required for Master’s Programmes. 
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Economics - Sustainable Development, full time MA study programme

Master’s Program in Sustainable Development is an excellent opportunity for you to study and solve sustainability issues in order to become a responsible leader who is able to find compromise between socio-economic needs and environmental boundaries. As a student of this programme you will gain:

  • the knowledge on foundations of sustainable development and sustainability criteria for social and economic systems and their relations to the environment,
  • the understanding of policies, technologies, and financial models that support sustainable development,
  • the ability to create more sustainable solutions leading to decrease in negative impacts and increase in benefits to society and ecosystems,
  • business, management and creative thinking skills required in leading a sustainable business.
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